How It Works

1) Visit the site: Explorer or FireFox browsers seem to work best currently. Tablet users have also reported challenges. We have not set up for smartphone use yet.

2) login using / tryit1 and click Saved Comparisons to select a saved comparison for review. It will give you an idea of what you can do with ANY SBCs you want to upload to and compare with CoverageFacts.


Register an account: - enter your email address, a password, click enter, check your mail for confirmation.

3) Visit for a handful of URLs for Summaries of Benefits and Coverage documents made available by the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan and CalPERS. The links return PDF copies of the SBCs. You'll find a table with links to SBCs at the bottom of this introduction. Practically all employers, insurers, and plan administrators will be transmit SBCs to users in PDF format .

4) Save the sample PDFs you choose to your system, then upload them in the labelled spaces on (We'll soon enable you to upload directly from URLs).

5) Select a coverage feature from the lists of 20 items above the SBC display panes. The comparison controls are pretty conventional, and you can't break anything (we think), so try what feels right.

We recommend trying the 'overlay' view, as well as saving a comparison and adding notes to features you compare.
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